Santiago de Compostela Carnival; (O Antroido) 2023

  • Santiago de Compostela (Coruña, A)
  • Categoría: Cultura urbana
  • Lugar: A Coruña
  • Dirección: Diferentes ubicaciones, .
  • Horario: A consultar
  • Precio: Sin especificar.
  • Público al que va dirigido: Todos los públicos.
18/02/2023, 19/02/2023, 20/02/2023, 21/02/2023, 22/02/2023,

Santiago de Compostela is the capital of the autonomy Galicia in North West Spain. The city preserves an ancient tradition of a festive carnival. During the carnival days, the city is filled with thousands celebrators wearing fancy cloths and colored masks waiting for the two holiday parades. On Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, the first holiday parade takes place. This is a big parade that includes brass bands, groups of dancers, jugglers and actors who perform while in motion on floats. On Ash Wednesday, the day that ends the fiestas and starts Lent, the second parade takes place. This is a satiric parade that ends in Plaza de O Toural square, where the ceremony of burning “Meco” doll, that symbols the carnival, is held. The visitors can enjoy the festive atmosphere, the impressive parades and the taste of great variety of the unique holiday food that are offered to the celebrators (locals and tourists).