Finance in a Post-Covid Era

  • Madrid (Madrid)
  • Categoría: Congreso/Conferencia
  • Lugar: IE TOWER 24th floor
  • Dirección: Floor 24 , 28029
  • Horario: 17:30 horas - 19:00 horas
  • Precio: Gratuito.
  • Público al que va dirigido: Adultos.
    A partir de 16 años de edad

Join us for this session! About this event The exceptional circumstances of a pandemic, with more than three billion people quarantined and mobility restricted for many months over the globe, has had a significant impact in all aspects of our lives, and sped up digitalisation, remote work or adoption of digital signature, regtech or cybersecurity. Some Financial sectors will have to rethink their business models, as car Insurance or neobanks, while others will have a unique opportunity to grow or become mainstream, such as biometric payments, consumer lending or wealth management, as people change the way they consume and invest, becoming more educated and socially conscious. As said by Churchill, "never waste a good crisis".

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