Footbridge Creating Experiences Conference

  • Madrid (Madrid)
  • Categoría: Congreso/Conferencia
  • Lugar: Official College of Architects of Madrid
  • Dirección: Calle de Hortaleza, 63, 28004
  • Horario: 09:00 horas - 18:00 horas
  • Precio: Sin especificar.
  • Público al que va dirigido: Adultos.
    A partir 16 de edad de años
  • Organizador del evento: COAM
07/09/2022, 08/09/2022, 09/09/2022,

This footbridge conference is the continuation of a long set of Conferences that started in Paris in 2002, followed by cities as Porto, Venice, Wroclaw, London and Berlin. The themes are Footbridge competitions: experiences, Footbridges as an important part of a system: the context as an experience, Bringing life to existing bridges: Experience on bridge transformations into footbridges or cyclist paths., Extreme experiences: long span suspension bridges in remote places., User experience on the bridge: staying, marketing, feeling vibrations, etc., Learning from experience: how overcoming to failure in procurement, designing, etc., Experiences of the future: experimentations, Sharing your experience: bringing footbridges for human survival. Footbridges in underdeveloped areas.