International Conference on Archaeological Anthropology, Social Analysis and Interpretation

  • Madrid (Madrid)
  • Categoría: Congreso/Conferencia
  • Lugar: A concretar (Madrid)
  • Dirección: Calle de Montalbán, 1, 28014
  • Horario: 21:00 horas
  • Precio: Sin especificar.
  • Público al que va dirigido: Adultos.
    A partir de 16 años de edad
24/03/2023, 25/03/2023,

Archaeological anthropology Origins of the human species Diversity of human cultural experience Transformational processes in human history Development of farming The emergence of towns and trading systems The spread of world religions Environmental, genetic and social factors human growth and nutrition Families, economies and political systems Perspectives on human evolution Social analysis and interpretation Cultural representations, beliefs and practices Landscape and ecology Urbanization and change in complex societies Past humans and cultures Excavation of artifacts and soils Analysis and interpretation of artifacts and soils Cultural processes Archaeology of complex cultures Archaeological analysis and interpretation